Mobil & Pegasus

Mobil Pegasus
Mobil 1 Formula 0W-20, 0W-30, 0W-40 Mobil Stern Tube Lubricant
Mobil 1 Formula 5W-30, 10w-30, 15W-30 Mobil Synthetic Oven Lube 1090
Mobil 1 MX2T, MX4T Motorcycle Mobil Synturion 6
Mobil 1 SYN ATF Mobil Vactra Oil No. 1, 2, 4
Mobil 1 Synthetic Gearlube LS 75W-90 Mobil Vacuoline 525, 537, 1405, 1409, 1419
Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease Mobil Velocite Oil No. 6, 10
Mobil 1 V-Twin Motorcycle Mobilarma 798
Mobil 600W Cylinder Oil Mobilfluid 350
Mobil Aero HFA Mobilgard 1 SHC
Mobil ATF 3309 Mobilgard 300, 312, 412, 450 NC, 570
Mobil 1 Delvac 1300 Super 10W-30, 15W-40 Mobilgard ADL 30, 40
Mobil Delvac Xtreme Grease Mobilgard M330, M430, M440
Mobil Drive Clean Oil 5W-20, 5w-30, 10W-30 Mobilgear 626, 627, 629, 630, 632, 634, 636
Mobil DTE 11M, 12M, 13M, 15M, 16M, 18M Mobilgear SHC 150, 220, 320, 460,  1000, 1500, 3200, 6800, 22M, 46M
Mobil DTE 24, 25, 26 Mobilgear SHC XMP 320
Mobil DTE 832 Mobilgrease 28
Mobil Excel 32, 46, 68 Mobilgrease HTS
Mobil DTE Oil Extra Heavy, Heavy, Heavy-Medium, Light Mobilgrease Moly 51
Mobil DTE PM 150, 220, 320 Mobilgrease XHP 222, 222 Special
Mobil Gargoyle Arctic Oil 300, C Heavy, SHC 226, SHC 230, SHC 426, SHC 427 Mobilgrease XTC
Mobil Gargoyle HE 460, 680,  Mobilith SHC 007, 100, 1500, 220, 220 EL, 460, SHC PM, SHC PM EL
Mobil Jet Oil 254 Mobilmet Alpha, Beta CCF, Delta CCF, Gamma, Kappa CCF, Lambda CCF, Omega, Sigma, Theta CCF, Upsilon
Mobil Jet Oil II Mobiltac 325 NC, 375 NC
Mobil Mistlube 24, 27 Mobiltemp 79, SHC 32
Mobil Pegasus 1, 710, 801, 905 Mobiltrans SHC 50, DC, 
Mobil Rarus 427, 824, 826, 827 Mobilube SHC 75W-90, 80W-140
Mobil Rarus SHC 1024, 1025, 1026 Mobilux EP 111, EP2
Mobil Sawguide Oil 100 MTJ 468
Mobil SHC 524, 525, 526, 624, 625, 626, 627, 629, 630, 632, 634, 636, 639, 824, 825 Multipurpose Auto Trans FLD DEX III/Mercon 
Mobil SHC PM 220, 320 Nebula EP 6F Grease, Special Grease
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Automotive Products

Engine Oils 
Entech Motor Oil
Essolube HD
Essolube HDX PLUS
Essolube VM 
Essolube Xdi
Mobil 1  
Protec EXTRA
Protec ULTRA
Superflo Synthetic
Automotive Gear Oils
Esso Gear Oil GX
Esso Gear Oil GX Extra
Exxon Synthetic Gear Oils
Marvelube Gear Oils
Automotive Greases 
Esso Wheel Bearing Grease
Marvelube Greases
Automotive Fluid
Esso Power Steering Fluid
Two-cycle Engine Oils
Easymix, Snowmobile & Outboard
Automotive Rust Preventives
Rust-Ban Undercoat
Transmission Fluids
Esso ATF +3
Esso ATF Dextron III/Mercon 
Esso ATF Type F
Hydraul Extra
Univis Extra
Esso HD Antifreeze

Industrial Products Index-Oils

Arox EP
Compressor Oil
Enmist EP
Esso Bandsaw Lube
Esso Chainoil
Esso Sawguide Oil
Exxon System Cleaner
Febis K
logear EP 100
Lector 40
Millcot K
Nuray RM
Nuto A
Nuto H
Nuto HP

*See process oil section
Polar WF
Spartan EP
Spartan Synthetic EP
Teresso GT EP 32 & 68
Teresso GTC
Teresstic N EP
Teresstic SHP
Termoil & Essotherm
Univis BIO 40
Univis J 13
Univis N
Univis Special 32
Van Caloria
Zerice S
Zero-Pol S

Rust Preventitives
Rust-Ban 343
Rust-Ban 392


Industrial Products Index-Greases

(see automotive section)
Esso Wheel Bearing Grease
Rust-Ban Undercoat

Arox NM 00,000
Carum 30
DDR Grease
Dynagear, Dynagear Extra
Dynagear Spray
Elbac Fluid 180
Epic EP 102, EP Moly
Esso Block Grease S-100
Esso Hi-Speed Coupling Grease
Esso Mine Mobile Grease Moly
Gear Cover Arctic, Heavy, Light
Hytherm 1 Moly, 2
Marvelube Bio 2
Marvelube WR2
Nebula EP1, EP 6F
Nebula EP Special
Obra 30 S, 30 W
Ronek EP 0, EP 1, EP 2
Ronex Extra Duty 1,2, Moly
Surett Fluid 4K, 6K
Thredkote 706
Valve Grease no. 1
Wire Rope Dressing
Z-50 Pipe Dope

Marine & Railway
(see marine & railway section)
Arapen RB 320
Galena Moly EP, EP 0
Galena Tramo 3177, 3735

Argon EP 0, EP 1
Beacon 325, EP 2
Estan 0
Lidok EP 1, EP 2, EP 2 Moly, Lotemp Moly
Unirex Greases
Unirex SHP

Aviation Lubricants

Jet Engine Oils
Turbo Oil

Piston Engine Oils
Aviation Oil
Aviation Oil EE

Hydraulic Fluid
HyJet® IV-A Plus

Specialties Fluid
Instrument Oil

Marine & Railway Lubricants

Exxmar 12TP
Exxmar 24TP
Exxmar 30TP
Exxmar 40TP
Exxmar XP
Exxmar XA
Exxmar X70
Iolube MDS
Iolube MDY
Arapen RB 320
Diol 13 RD 20W-40 (E)
Diol 17 RD 40
Galcar All Year
Galena 13 RD 40
Galena Tramo

Marine Products
A wide choice of lubricants is available for domestic and international marine applications. Many factors must be considered in the selection of the best product for individual pieces of equipment, such as any unusual features of the particular machinery, the intended service, the properties of the fuel to be used in an engine and the economics of using each of the various products available.

The Marine product line contains lubricants for virtually all shipboard needs, including marine diesel engines, steam turbine engines, reciprocating steam engines, hydraulic equipment, refrigeration applications and miscellaneous other requirements. Often their characteristics are such that they satisfy the needs of equipment other than the type for which they were originally designed. This flexibility is utilized to reduce the number of grades that need to be stocked aboard ship.

Railway Products
An ongoing development program is maintained to provide efficient lubrication of railway and service equipment. Imperial Oil has specialized in railway lubrication for over 100 years. New products have been developed, field tested, and introduced in keeping with user requirements.

Metal Working Fluids

Cutting oils
Roll Oil
Roll Oil 3192 S
Shaping oils
Formesso Summer grade
Oil 420
Quenching oils

Durham Fuels supplies a versatile line of products for use in cutting, shaping and quenching operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Cutting oils-Cutting consists of using a hard tool to remove metal from a workpiece in the form of ships or "turnings". This process is carried out using a lathe, drilling machine, milling machine or any other similar metalworking operation. The friction and heat generated between the ship and the cutting tool reduces tool life, affects the finish of the work piece and increases the power needed to carry out the cutting operation. The use of a properly selected cutting fluid reduces those consequences and therefore lower cost production by increasing cutting speed, reducing tool replacement and machine down-time. Also, product quality and tolerances are better with fewer rejects; chip removal is faster and easier, less wear and tear on the machine itself. With only minor exceptions, a cutting fluid should always be used.

Shaping oils- Shaping oils are used in processes that include rolling, drawing, press forming, stamping, extrusion, swaging and forging. Typically, unique lubricant formulations are employed for these shaping operations. However, the primary purposes of the lubricants are very similar; to provided good die life, part finish and dimensional accuracy. Good fluid application and removal after the shaping operation are also critical.

Quenching oils - Quenching normally refers to the controlled cooling of steel components in a fluid to achieve certain metallurgical properties. The resulting hardness and other physical characteristics depend on the composition of the steel, the dimensions of the metal piece, the temperature of the treatment, and the speed and duration of the quench. If parts made from carbon or alloy steel fail to harden satisfactorily, it may be necessary to either use a higher alloy, more expensive steel, or use a quench oil which gives faster cooling rate. The FENSO quench oil line provides a wide range of characteristics suitable for all types of quenching operations. They are made with premium solvent refined paraffinic basestocks that have high flash points and low volatility characteristics for improved safety.